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Urinary Incontinence can be controlled

✓Easy to wearuseclean

Wear HAREX® comfortably unnoticed for hours.Use the button to urinate with HAREX® on and be self-sufficient on-the-go.Simply wash with soap and water. 100% medical grade high quality plastics.


Confidence Restored: No More Worries About Urinary Incontinence!


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Gain your life back
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Comparison to other Products:

Compare to Underwear Bag:

Harex provides a hassle-free and enjoyable experience and has no bag, no smell, no infection.

Compare to Diapers:

Harex has no smell, no irritation from moist absorbents, no need to change diapers.

Compare to Penis clamp:

Harex has free blood flow (no Inhibition of blood flow, only pressure on urethra), No Pain, no mess.

How to use Harex device

Easy To Place And Use

Loose The Belt By Moving The Lever Down

Insert The Penis Into The Device And Adjust The Belt For Your Personal Fit

Just Fix The Belt By Moving Up The Pressure Activator.

Did you know:

Men wait an average of 4.2 years after first experiencing bladder problems before going to a medical specialist.

Do not wait for 4.2 years and order now!

Latex-Free Plastic Material

Comfortable To Use

It is comfortable to use and easy to adjust. You won’t feel it while wearing it.

Allows Blood Circulation

Adds pressure to the urethra, so the urine outlet duct is blocked while free blood circulation is still possible.

Made Out Of 100% Plastic

Made entirely of latex-free sanitary plastic material.

Very Small

It’s very small and comfortable!
Size: 5cm x 5cm Weight: 19 gr.

please pay attention

Precautions When Using Harex

Patients should remove Harex during sleeping hours. When
it´s necessary, just lose the strap to light pressure. The incorrect or excessive use of Harex may cause skin irritation.
If you have open wounds or some skin irritation on your penis, just consult a doctor to make clear whether you should continue its usage.

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Ahmed Diop

Ahmed Diop73 years old, based in Dakar Senegal

Since I’m using Harex I can go visit my friends again, play the cards without any stress. I’m even able to go to the mosque and do my prayers without having to think about my medical condition. Harex has given me my life back.

Bart Peeters

Bart PeetersAntwerp Belgium. Cancer treatment – suffering incontinence

I’m so happy I can use Harex instead of the other standard solutions, I know it should be only temporally I will use incontinence materials. I can keep on doing my daily activities! No Stress!

Rutger Borgh

Rutger Borgh62 years old, Nurenberg Germany

The Harex penis clamp has changed the game for me. Without a doubt, it’s the best penis clamp I’ve ever used. I highly recommend giving Harex a try

– you won’t regret it!

Martin Moreau

Martin Moreau59 years old, lyon France

I have been using several clamps before, and Harex has brought me full freedom again. This is the best clamp for cleaning, use,… I’m saving on pads and other products.​I would never go back to any other solution again!